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WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 Problem Determination

Redakce  | 24.4.2015 13:31


Termín a čas konání: 11.5. 2015 (09:30) - 15.5. 2015 (17:00)
Typ akce: školení
Cena: 59 000 Kč bez DPH
Pořadatel: Avnet
Místo konání: Avnet, V Olšinách 75, Praha 10 – Strašnice
Více informací: https://academy.avnet.com/cz/training/course/129291

This course is also available as self-paced virtual (e-learning) course WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 Problem Determination (ZA591). This option does not require any travel.

This 5-day instructor-led course teaches you how to manage WebSphere Application Server problems more skillfully within your organization by using problem determination tools and techniques. The instructor and students explore common scenarios that you might face in your daily activities. You also learn methodologies and techniques for problem determination, including how to use online IBM support tools to resolve problems. In addition, you learn how to communicate more effectively with IBM support teams so they can identify a problem and find its solution.

The course covers problems that are associated with Java virtual machine (JVM) tuning and memory management, database connectivity, connection pool configuration, security configuration, server start and stop failures, application deployment, web requests, and default messaging.

In hands-on lab exercises throughout the course, you gain practical experience with problem determination techniques by using your newly acquired skills within various scenarios. These scenarios include hung threads, OutOfMemory errors, crashes, data source configuration, security-related issues, server start and stop failures, web requests, and Java Message Service (JMS) message flow issues.

The lab environment for this course uses the Linux platform.

Redakce  | 24.4.2015 13:31
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